Additional Services


With our dynamic and flexible in-house development team, ZALA can customize virtually any part of your program; and quickly spec and integrate your solutions. Our very business is built on integration, and our experienced team has collaborated on multiple unique client implementations.


Mobile solutions are being sought out more than ever by card carrying customers. The ability to perform a transaction, anywhere, anytime has fast become the gold standard in customer satisfaction. ZALA recognizes this and has developed a mobile application framework that integrates with our backend applications. Moreover, it can be customized to display your customer feature set and brand requirements.


ZALA’s systems were originally designed with integration at front of mind. It can be easily integrated with many other systems. If you are seeking to maintain a portion of an existing solution but enhance or replace another aspect, ZALA can bring a fuller solution to your business, while incorporating the elements you wish to maintain.


ZALA places great focus on technical elements, but we do not neglect the importance of brand promotion and consistency. By offering brilliant color palettes and imagery in our fulfillment packages, as well as on the web, ZALA strives to deliver a superior experience rich with creativity and originality to your customers.


Gain more value and take advantage of greater revenue opportunities with a program migration to ZALA. ZALA simplifies the process with its built in conversion tools designed to eliminate complex balance and timing issues.


Every ZALA client receives a dedicated business administrator who works with you on program scope, strategy and implementation. Your dedicated resource will continue to be accessible well into the launch of your program to ensure things are operating as you see fit. We maintain client support and IT development offices in locations around the globe.


Security in the international EFT space is mandatory for all networks, processors and participants. ZALA’s systems are designed to be in compliance with industry and environment standards. Our global processing technology platform and operations systems are PA-DSS certified. Compliance is routinely reviewed and audited.