A prepaid card program that allows businesses of any size to manage employee travel, entertainment and general corporate spending.

    Easily extend moneys to employees as well as restrict and track spending across an array of networks. Perform real-time card ordering and management of accounts. Employ real-time account funding/de-funding, spending limits and merchant category restrictions.

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    A prepaid card platform specifically designed for charitable organizations and foundations.

    Support transparent, recurring distributions of funds to financially and politically challenged recipients. Funds can be extended for charitable giving, aid and in times of crisis relief. Provide funds to recipients in real time, anytime, globally.


    A prepaid reloadable and gift card platform designed to provide exclusive benefits to members of clubs and organizations; sport, hobby and enthusiast groups.

    Leverage the affinities of this platform to deepen and lengthen relationships with your member-base. Offer a unique and exceptional high-value product, while capturing club/membership spending in a closed loop environment to reduce cost.


    A prepaid card platform designed for timely and accurate delivery of effective rewards to your customer audience and employees.

    Track and manage rewards delivered, and use the data to drive decision-making. Using prepaid cards for incentive and rebates is an engaging solution to build customer loyalty and increase employee performance. Lower the costs associated with providing current paper or voucher-based programs.


    Paymaster is ZALA’s proprietary payroll card platform
    created to reduce costs associated with issuing paper
    checks for payroll and other disbursements.

    Reduce costs and deliver your customers instant access to
    their paycheck funds, with no check cashing fees. No
    credit check or bank account required and the card can be
    used at retail locations, to shop online, pay bills and
    withdraw cash from ATMs.


    In addition to the many dedicated card programs
    ZALA offers like Payroll or Business Expense, clients can
    also elect to create any array of bespoke, consumer-
    funded GPR card programs.

    These can range from cards purchased at the check-out
    of a retail store/chain, to a customer simply enrolling
    for their personalized card online; mailed direct
    to their home, First Class USPS mail.


    A reloadable prepaid card
    platform to provide
    customers with an
    alternative, turnkey
    financial vehicle when
    depositing their
    employee payroll or
    government issued

    Offer your customers
    an easy-to-use, no
    hassle, no credit
    check prepaid debit
    card in which to safely
    direct their funds.
    Empower your
    customers to leave
    your store with funds
    in hand ready to spend.