Zala Group

ZALA does not fit the image of the traditional technology provider both in its approach to providing technology services as well as its overall platform design. ZALA provides creative, affordable solutions, and exceptional system integration with banks, network systems and processors in the United States, Canada, LATAM, Central America, Asia and Europe. Some of the world's most recognized brands are extending their success with ZALA’s services.


ZALA Group is different than your traditional technology provider:
  • Banks, processors and network system are highly integrated to offer the most comprehensive product lines.
  • ZALA’s proprietary CRM tool, ZALA Connect, gives clients the program visibility to optimize results.
  • Build and edit programs using a flexible, dynamic interface; rapid time to market.
  • Domestic and international programs supported; multiple currencies
  • Dedicated account management throughout life of program.
  • Captivating, brilliant library of card designs along with bespoke card design services.
  • Consultative services: development, marketing, and more.